Legal Services Andorra

We strategically ensure the most favorable legal and tax structure.

Legal Services in Andorra

Our goal is to accompany you in your project in order to strategically ensure the most favorable legal and tax structure.

We offer our advisement to companies and individuals on matters that require specialization in corporations’ law, commercial law and business management, guaranteeing the legality and transparency of the operations carried out.

Only the projects that accomplish the excellence in all the areas have chances of success. The support of a proven experienced professional can contribute to the achievement of this objective. We have to trust professionals that can contribute with their transversal knowledge of the business world and its environment. Services such as business consulting, market research or strategic consulting are becoming essential for the correct and optimal future of companies.


Gaudit’s Legal Services area offers the elements and tools to properly interpret this new scenario and face the new challenges appearing in the short, medium and long term and thus improve the results of your company.


Also, if you are thinking in setting up a business in Andorra, rocedure that is carried out through the application for foreign investment, we are ready and happy to accompany you throughout the business journey: constitution, launch, growth and consolidation.


Our challenge is to adapt to the client’s needs and offer a suitable solution for each of them.

Why hire legal services in Andorra?


Andorra has its own regulatory and legislative framework, which is why the support of professionals with experience in Andorra is essential to achieve the objectives that are proposed.


At Gaudit we have 40 years of experience in the country, and so we are in a position to offer you the most appropriate advice to improve the results of your business.

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What Legal Services do we offer?

  • Business restructuring operations.
  • Mergers, spin-offs, capital reductions, etc.
  • Incorporation of companies and other associative forms.
  • Dissolution, liquidation and extinction of commercial companies.
  • Commercial contracting and negotiation of agreements.
  • Parasocial agreements, lease, sale.
  • Mandate, commission, participating loans, etc.
  • Estate management and planning.
  • Family protocols and succession agreements.
  • Real estate and urban advice.
  • Statutory modifications.
  • Assistance and representation in Boards of Directors and General Meetings.
  • Tax law.
  • Project analysis.
  • Financial reporting for foreign subsidiaries installed in Andorra.
  • Implementation of internal control systems.
  • Implementation of analytical accounting.
  • Debt restructuring.

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Our clients always find us. We are not only qualified and experienced professionals, we are also close, accessible and sensitive with the desire of giving the best solution. We are honest and upright.

The client, his interests and satisfaction are always at the core of our activity.

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