Family Office

Efficient management and administration of the economic resources of the family group.

The birth of the family office or the patrimonial office of the family business is due to the need of organizing family’s wealth, which usually comprises more than just the family business despite the fact that is composed of it.


It is a relatively new consulting service, that undoubtedly serves for a better and more efficient administration of the economic resources of the family group and also for the organization of human teams, whether they are family members from one or more generations, members of civil ties and non-family external professionals.


Our team puts at the service of family’s different methodologies and practical experiences to align vision and family commitment with the orientation of the family business.

Why do I need a Family Office?


To stablish a professional management of my wealth that protects it, makes it grow and guarantees its transfer from generation to generation.

Services of a Family Office


Legal, tax and accounting

  • Legal advice.
  • Tax optimization and administration.
  • Accounting management.
  • Document management.



  • Government structure and family protocol.
  • Succession tax planning.
  • Asset definition for personal use and enjoyment.
  • Equity consolidation.

Financial investments


  • Identify needs and objectives.
  • Investment profile definition.
  • Investment portfolio design.
  • Monitoring and control.

Real estate investments


  • Definition of available assets and objectives.
  • Investment opportunities research.
  • Profitability optimization.
  • Investments monitoring and control.

Family Office Structure


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Our clients always find us. We are not only qualified and experienced professionals, we are also close, accessible and sensitive with the desire of giving the best solution. We are honest and upright.


The client, his interests and satisfaction are always at the core of our activity.

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