Join a team of professionals with an extensive experience in the auditing and consulting sector.

Why should you choose Gaudit?

Gaudit was the first Andorran company dedicated to auditing and economic, financial, accounting, and tax consultancy in the country.

Our almost 40 years of experience have allowed us to position ourselves as a renowned company in the Andorran economy sector and among international investors in the country.

We are rigorous, honest, and professional people with a high commitment to quality customer service.

At Gaudit, we are aware of the importance of teamwork as well as the importance of each employee’s contribution.

The spirit of improvement characterizes us. We seek to improve every day and adapt to changes in the environment to continue growing in the sector.

For this reason, we value the effort and commitment of our workers, offering them a professional career that they are passionate about so that they can grow with us.

What are we looking for?

Our team contains auditors, tax experts, consultants, accountants, and lawyers.

We are looking for dynamic, serious, rigorous, and committed people with the ability to work as a team and the desire to grow professionally.

If these values ​​resonate with you and you want to work with us, do not hesitate to send us your CV.

Career path

We want you to feel satisfied with your growth while being part of our team. That is why we offer training provided by the company.

We wish for you to develop in your professional field in a safe and reliable environment, where you can boost your potential surrounded by a team with excellent technical solvency.

Would you like to join our team?

You can send us your CV at or you can chose to fill up the following form.