Business competitiveness

Our country has significant competitive advantages which we would be delighted to present you.

The country presents a series of very attractive business competitiveness elements from multiple aspects.

The macroeconomic framework, a non-confiscatory tax system, economic activities focused on services, access to technological innovation, flexibility in regulatory adaption, the proper functioning of political institutions, stability, the educational model, a social inclusion model and the environmental sustainability make up a set of solid attributes for the proper functioning of companies.


Andorra has an internationally comparable tax framework and at the same time very attractive, with a maximum tax rate of 10% direct taxes (Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax and Non Resident Income Tax) and a general tax rate of 4,5% for indirect taxes (Value Added Tax).


The non-existence of taxes on wealth or on inheritance and donations, the signature of Double taxation agreements and the fact of not making withholdings on dividends distributed by Andorran companies, turn Andorra into a top-notch destination both for individuals and companies.

How can we help?

We take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures related to its implementation in Andorra:

Company set up

We carry out all the necessary work for the set-up of your company or business, taking care of all the procedures.

Obtaining active residency

Both for self-employed or for workers on behalf of third parties, we help throughout the process of obtaining your residency permit.

Obtaining passive residency

We take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures to obtain your passive residency. A great opportunity to settle and live in Andorra for all those people that manage their own investments and wealth, are professionals with international exposure or for scientific, cultural and sport reasons.

Advice for obtaining tax residence

We offer global advice in your decision of changing your tax residence to Andorra, accompanying you throughout the process to obtain your residence authorization.

Contact us

Our clients always find us. We are not only qualified and experienced professionals, we are also close, accessible and sensitive with the desire of giving the best solution. We are honest and upright.

The client, his interests and satisfaction are always at the core of our activity.

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