Active residence in Andorra

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Active residence in Andorra

For everyone who wishes to live in the Principality of Andorra, there are different types of residence available depending on each profile. If you are thinking of investing in Andorra, you have to know what are the different types of residence that exist.
Mainly there are two types of residences: the active residence and the passive residence. Each of these includes several subtypes


The active residence in Andorra is granted to people who work in Andorra hired by an Andorran company or work as self-employed. In both cases, they must establish their effective main residence in Andorra for at least 183 days a year.



Active residence for employed persons. Requirements


1.1 Active residence for employed persons is normally processed by the contracting company and there are quotas depending on the sector and position.


In order to qualify for this type of residence, the following is required:


  • Rental contract or deed that proves the purchase of a property in Andorra.
  • Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or of the place of last residence with the Hague Apostille or legalized, and if applicable translated.
  • Curriculum Vitae and qualifications.
  • Certificate of civil status with the Hague Apostille or legalized, and if applicable translated.



Active residence for self-employed persons. Requirements


1.2 In order to qualify for active self-employment residence, you must first have obtained a foreign investment authorization to create the Andorran company.


Once the company is created, the following is required:


  • Holding of more than 20% of shares of the company.
  • Hold a position on the company’s administrative body.
  • Deposit of 15.000 euros in the AFA (recoverable but not remunerated).
  • For qualified professions, affiliation to a professional association.
  • Contribution to the Andorran Social Security Fund (monthly fee of about 465 euros that gives access to the health system).



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Obtaining active residency

Both for self-employed or for workers on behalf of third parties, we help throughout the process of obtaining your residency permit.

Obtaining passive residency

We take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures to obtain your passive residency. A great opportunity to settle and live in Andorra for all those people that manage their own investments and wealth, are professionals with international exposure or for scientific, cultural and sport reasons.

Advice for obtaining tax residence

We offer global advice in your decision of changing your tax residence to Andorra, accompanying you throughout the process to obtain your residence authorization.

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